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Oil & Gas Cleanup

Oil and gas cleanup solutions are essential in keeping facilities clean and safe while additionally providing workers with the best conditions possible. Accidents such as punctured tanks and hydraulic line breaks can, unfortunately, happen to the best of us. This is why RMI Emergency Services offers reliable oil spill cleanup services for those in the oil and gas industry. We are based in Houston, TX, and our experts travel across the country to respond to emergency situations.

Vacuum Truck for Oil Cleanup

Utilizing our effective vacuum truck for oil cleanup and our vast experience in the industry, we bring both the proper equipment and knowledge when our customers need it. Our vacuum trucks for gas cleanup can clean spills, pump out liquids and sludge, and properly dispose of any waste. From vessels and fracs to floor drains and waste tanks, our professional solutions can perform a complete cleanup of your facility or specific tanks/vessels. Our vacuum trucks can capture 99% of debris and dust, as well as handle all materials from liquid to solid.

Our oil spill cleanup services provide not only the best equipment for the job, but expertise and extensive experience as well. This allows us to help your facility get back to tip-top shape as quickly as possible.

Emergency Services When You Need Them

RMI Emergency Services is a trusted leader in solutions for emergency situations, such as fuel spills, diesel spills, various chemicals, and much more. We take pride in our 24-hour customer service and quick response time. Companies in the Greater Houston area and around the country rely on us to provide proper cleanup and emergency solutions year-round at the times they need it most.

We gladly serve the oil spill cleanup industry because we know the urgency of timely action in response to these spills and various accidents. From spill containment to fuel transportation to restorative services, RMI can provide the solutions you need to handle all of your oil and gas cleanup or emergency demands. We always follow hazardous material guidelines and safety standards to bring you the safest, most reliable services.

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