Emergency Flood Restoration

Emergency Water Cleanup Services

In the event of a disaster, RMI is prepared to help you with emergency water services. It’s crucial to have a professional approach to water cleanup and extraction. Aside from extraction, we can also deliver drinking water to your location. We understand the importance of speed during a disaster, so we have 24/7 delivery and response to make sure you'll always have the supplies you need. Read more below for an in-depth view


Water Extraction/Water Cleanup

Need emergency water extraction or water cleanup? Natural disasters like floods and hurricanes happen without warning, leaving people at the mercy of the storm and its aftermath. Water damage is a common occurrence in such cases, and it’s crucial to have a professional approach to water cleanup and extraction. RMI emergency water extraction service handles all the water removal and cleanup.

RMI is backed by unparalleled experience in water emergency services. Our service-first approach ensures that every job is handled as fast as possible, mitigating any further damage. Our rapid response team is available 24/7, and will get you or your business back to normal as quickly as possible.

When disaster strikes, you need a professional approach, as fast as possible. You can trust RMI to do the job right. We stand behind our reputation as a premier water extraction and cleanup service.

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Vacuum Trucks

RMI operates a fleet of vacuum trucks able to handle any water or hazardous material cleanup. We’ve been a part of restoring areas after nearly every major natural disaster in the southern United States in the past 15 years.

A vacuum truck is a type of tank truck with a built-in pump and tank that pneumatically sucks liquids, sludges, or mixtures. They are also used to transport sanitary waste and industrial liquids. RMI is able bring our trucks straight to your emergency location and extract water or hazardous materials without the need of contact with mechanical equipment.

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Potable Water Services

RMI specializes in bulk water delivery and potable water delivery. Whether you need potable water delivered for an emergency disaster situation or for a jobsite, RMI has you covered. We deliver the water straight to you, when you need it.

Because we are an emergency water service company, we have 24/7 delivery available and will get to your location as quickly as possible. You’ll have water where you need it, when you need it. We’ll also make sure you don’t run out of water in an emergency by providing tanks for storage of needed.

RMI’s bulk water delivery is used for many situations and industries:
  • Emergency – restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, government organizations, etc.
  • Industrial use
  • Utilities
  • Oil well and gas well drillers
  • Agriculture and livestock
  • Disaster relief
  • Cleaning
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • And more
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At RMI, we stake our reputation on being fast and reliable – providing exceptional emergency water services to those who need it most. It’s our job to keep your business or organization going when disaster strikes. Service is our business.

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