Portable Hand Wash Stations

Portable hand wash stations, also known as portable sinks, are self-contained units that provide people with the ability to wash their hands when typical plumbing is not available. Portable hand wash stations can be used for several applications including emergency relief situations, construction sites, or special events.

Emergency Hand Wash Stations

In times of emergency, sanitation solutions like hand wash stations become a necessity. Workers need a place to be able to clean up quickly and those affected by disaster need a way to maintain proper sanitation. RMI’s emergency hand wash station delivery includes:

  • Fast delivery directly into disaster relief locations
  • Timely pickup and transportation
  • Experienced technicians to handle setup
  • Conforming to all laws and regulations concerning hand wash stations

Portable Sink Rentals in Houston

One of the most common uses of portable handwash stations is in the construction industry. RMI strives to provide the best portable hand wash station experience. Construction companies often require portable handwash stations to provide the necessary hygiene solutions for their workers. We service construction sites of all kinds, large or small.

We stand behind our exceptional service. Regardless of your job size, we can accommodate all of your portable hand wash station rental needs. We’ll deliver straight to your site and pick it up when you’re through.

RMI is an experienced and trusted resource for hand wash stations and sanitation solutions. We offer both pick-up and delivery. We'll work to make sure you're completely satisfied with your portable toilet solution.

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