Disaster Response in Baton Rouge, LA

Disaster Cleanup Services in Baton Rouge

Serving Baton Rouge, LA and Surrounding Areas

As an experienced emergency service provider, we know the stress of natural disasters and understand the importance of fast, reliable solutions. RMI Emergency Services aims to provide only the best emergency solutions and cleanup services to customers nationwide, offering quick natural disaster cleanup to Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.

Emergency Water Removal in Baton Rouge, LA

Our experienced team has seen the unexpected happen, and when it happens to your community, we are always there to help. We offer emergency water removal in Baton Rouge, LA, utilizing the proper equipment for the job - whether it’s a submersible pump or an industrial-strength vacuum. For the largest amount of water, we can bring in our vacuum trucks, which are able to remove the water quickly without causing extra damage.

No amount of water is too much for our technicians to handle. With RMI, you can be assured we can get the job done in a timely fashion with minimal damage or additional issues. We specialize in both residential and commercial settings and have experience across a range of industries and settings.

A Full Scope of Services

On top of providing quick water removal and cleanup, RMI Emergency Services knows how to handle the rest of the job to avoid having more problems down the road. Prevention of mold, rotting, and additional damage is just as important as the removal and cleanup of water and materials. RMI also offers various other emergency services, including emergency potable drinking water, roll-off dumpsters, portable toilets, and much more. We look to provide quick, effective services to get you back on your feet in little to no time. Additional emergency services we can offer include fuel spill cleanup, hazardous material remediation, and containment of materials or chemicals.

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From flooded businesses to standing water to irrigation services, we can take care of your water removal needs as soon as the demand arises. Get in touch with one of our professionals today to discuss water cleanup near Baton Rouge, hand washing stations, or our range of other emergency solutions.

All Emergency Response Services

No job is too big or too small for RMI Emergency Services. We will work quickly to clean up and reconstruct the affected area according to your specific needs. Some of the emergency services we offer include:

Our team has equipment and individuals ready for various situations and environments. Contact us for a personalized response strategy.

Emergency Response Strategy

Since 1947, RMI has offered great service and superior emergency response across the Midwest. At RMI, human health and safety is our ultimate concern. We offer 24/7 365-day response and delivery to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients during any emergency.

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