Winter Storm Response Services

Winter Storm Response Services

Snow and ice can be highly damaging to homes and buildings, especially in the event of a severe storm. If your structures have been damaged from a winter storm, call RMI Emergency Services for our natural disaster cleanup services. We specialize in emergency solutions for disasters such as storms, floods, and blizzards. Any amount of snow can be damaging to a building’s structure, walls, or roof. When a winter storm occurs, these damages can be worsened by unexpected amounts of snow, ice, hail, or wind. Water damage is a common problem for both residential and commercial properties in the aftermath of a winter storm.

Water Extraction and Cleanup

RMI’s experienced professionals can provide timely water extraction services and cleanup solutions to prevent any further property damage before beginning further restoration. We utilize submersible pumps, wet and dry industrial strength vacuums, and vacuum trucks to get the job done. These trucks are operated by experts, cleaning up water, snow, or debris without causing any further problems. No amount of water is too much for our equipment to handle.

On top of providing water extraction, our team can remove any debris, harmful materials, or trash that has been caused or tossed around by the storm. No matter the amount, material, or situation, it is likely that our trucks, vacuums, or roll-off containers will be able to handle it. Our roll-off container rentals range from 10 to 40 yards.

This year, RMI Emergency Services performed 303 jobs in response to Winter Storm Uri in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. As of July 25th, our team has removed 36,030 cubic yards of debris and provided 1,244 roll-off dumpsters.

In the event of bursting pipes or temporarily unusable homes, we can offer potable drinking water and portable hygiene stations. We can also provide the removal and transportation of heavy equipment, as well as spill containment, waste tanks, and sanitation services.

We are a construction cleanup company, natural disaster solution provider, and much more. Contact RMI Emergency Services today to discuss winter storm response services, roll-off dumpsters, or any questions you may have.

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