Hazardous Material Remediation Services

Hazmat Waste Disposal

Safety-related solutions are a major cornerstone of our business so RMI provides Hazmat Services to handle and transport potential harmful chemicals and materials in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

What are Hazardous Materials?

Hazardous materials are substances that may pose a risk to health, property, or the environment. Hazmats (The abbreviation for “hazardous materials) include toxic chemicals, fuels, nuclear waste products, and biological, chemical, and radiological agents. They can be released as liquids, solids, gases, or a combination of all three. This could include dust, fumes, gas, vapor, mist, and smoke.

Hazmat spills can and have caused health problems, injuries, and even death in people and animals, much less the damage that has happened to the property or the environment.

Emergency Response Hazmat Services

In emergency hazmat situations, like vehicle accidents and chemical spills, time is of the essence. RMI is experienced in providing safe, fast, and effective cleanup and transportation of potentially harmful materials and substances. Our team is highly trained and properly certified and can handle nearly any emergency hazmat situation.

  • 24 Hours a day, 365 Days a year
  • Hazardous & non hazardous material cleanup
  • Hazardous & non hazardous material transportation
  • Vacuum truck services
  • And more…

Hazmat Transportation

RMI provides our clients with transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. This service requires specialized training and certification as well as meeting all governmental regulations for transport. RMI stand behind out experience in hazmat transportation and can provide you with the safest and most efficient transportation solution. RMI’s hazmat transportation services includes:

  • Certified hazmat drivers.
  • Trucks and equipment that meet all standards and regulations
  • Safe, fast response 24/7/
  • Specialized equipment to handle any hazmat situation

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